Terms & Condition

This Web Hosting Agreement is between Bsdcodedhost and the person/persons who use our website hosting and domain service. Please read carefully to ensure you understand our terms before purchasing any of our products or services..


  • Term of Service.The term of User's subscription to Bsdcodedhost agrees to provide the services stated for the price agreed at any given time. We do not miss lead customers with hidden costs unlike many other web hosting companies.
  • Customers must acknowledge that the amount of the services bought is based on customers agreement to pay the fee for the initial term or renewal term.
  • All customers are responsible for monitoring their storage space and bandwidth transfer each month. Customers who go over the limit of their account will be sent an email with the option to either upgrade their account or reduce store and or storage. If customers continue to go over we will do everything possible to fix the problem. We do hold to right to ban accounts for continuous problems. If customers sign up for an account and cancel it within the first month they will still be charged for the full first month.
  • Renewal notices are sent three days before your account's renewal date. If you use a credit card, payments are automatic. Accounts operate on a pre-pay basis, and unpaid accounts within 7 days will incur a ₦12,200 fee. Bsdcodedhost can change prices at any time unless agreed otherwise. If an account isn't brought current within a week of notice, it may be suspended. You're responsible for fees from the account's creation until you request termination. Our currency is NGN. Your billing cycle matches your initial contract length. Accounts renew automatically unless canceled beforehand. Monthly accounts can't be refunded. Annual payments aren't refundable after 1 days. Accounts can end if they don't follow our terms.